WATCHDOGS have handed a warning to a Labour parish councillor accused of rude and offensive behaviour.

Roy Dobson was reported by his own Kirkburton Parish Council after repeated clashes.

His outbursts over parish clerk Angela Royle's salary and hours led to her fleeing one meeting.

At another meeting, councillors asked him to leave because of his verbal attacks on the clerk.

Now the official body which investigates the conduct of councillors has asked him to consider his future behaviour.

The Standards Board for England said his manner had been disrespectful and unacceptable for someone in a public position.

Mr Dobson is in hospital at the moment and unable to respond to the findings.

But fellow parish councillors are calling on him to apologise after the rebuke.

Kirkburton Parish Council said it recognised that any allegations about Mrs Royle were untrue and without any foundation.

Mr Dobson, who represents Grange Moor on the parish council, was reported over incidents at three meetings.

But he was cleared over allegations that he revealed confidential information.

The Standards Board said no further action needed to be taken against Mr Dobson.

It said in its findings: "He should carefully consider how others perceive his approach to council business, especially in relation to sensitive personal matters discussed in public."

Chairman Adrian Murphy, a Tory parish councillor, said: "I feel that it will not be completely over until Clr Dobson has apologised and withdrawn his allegations.

"He has caused the clerk a lot of stress and worry over the last 14 months that the investigation has been taking place."

Mr Murphy said the clerk's efforts had gone beyond the call of duty on many occasions.