MORE than a decade of lobbying over speeding drivers has finally paid off.

Residents have complained for years over cars travelling too fast in Longley Road, Lowerhouses.

This week councillors on the Huddersfield Area Committee finally brought relief to local people by agreeing to invest £14,000 on speed humps.

The committee backed plans to install four sets of triple speed cushions spaced between 120 metres and 170 metres apart on the road.

Newsome Green Party councillor Graham Simpson said speeding drivers on the long, straight residential road had been a problem for 10 years or more.

“The nature of the road means it attracts boy racers and residents have long been looking for something to slow traffic down,” he said.

“Personally I am a great believer in 20mph limits in residential areas.

“Even if they are not practically enforceable it only takes a few people to drive at the speed limit to slow other traffic.

“Unfortunately the highways department at Kirklees are reluctant to go down that route.”

Highways officers will now consult residents and local councillors before going ahead with the works.