THE oldest constituency Labour organisation in the country celebrates its 120th birthday this month.

Weavers and engineering workers formed Colne Valley Labour Union at a house at Nabbs Lane in Slaithwaite on July 21, 1891.

It was the first constituency-based Labour party in the country.

David Clark, now Lord Clark, who represented Colne Valley in Parliament from 1970 to 1974, will speak at a celebration event on July 21 at the Watershed at Bridge Street in Slaithwaite.

There will be an historical stroll around the village at 6.30pm before the main event at 7.30pm.

Party member Dr Paul Salveson will host a garden party to celebrate the anniversary on July 24 from 1pm.

He said: “Today’s Colne Valley Labour Party is the lineal descendant of that first meeting and we still hold to the core values of socialism which inspired those working men and women.”

For more information about the anniversary events email or call 07795 008 691.