TWO teenagers who terrorised Deighton residents have been banned from committing further offences.

Huddersfield magistrates made anti-social behaviour orders on Dale Simpson, 15, and Charlotte Lawrence, 17, after hearing how they made life hell for people near where they live.

Simpson, of Scott Vale, Sheepridge, was banned from engaging in conduct which caused harassment, alarm or distress.

He was also banned from damaging property and from physically or verbally abusing anyone in Kirklees until his 18th birthday.

Lawrence, of Riddings Road, Sheepridge, was banned from engaging in conduct causing harassment, alarm or distress to others, engaging in threatening behaviour or damaging property for the next two years.

If the orders are broken, the pair could face custodial sentences.

Mr Dermot Pearson, prosecuting, said Simpson committed a string of offences between June and October last year.

He said there were allegations of threats, throwing stones at buses, scrawling graffiti, aggressive begging, setting fire to grass, taking money from children and damaging car windows.

Mr Pearson said that an interim order had been made last year.

But Simpson had broken it by assaulting someone and stealing their mobile phone and committing a robbery at knifepoint.

Mr Pearson said Lawrence spat at people, threw stones and set fire to a bin.

She had also targeted the local community cafe, damaging property and abusing customers.

A public meeting had been held in September about the situation.

Lawrence had broken an interim order by committing robbery and theft.

Mr Pearson said: "Evidence from the housing officer is very clear that the prosecution is driven by the local community.

"People were beating the door down for them to do something," he added.

Solicitors for Simpson and Lawrence applied for orders banning identification.

But magistrates rejected this.

They felt publicity would maximise the effectiveness of the orders and reflect open justice.