Freakish accident in country

A RUNAWAY van crashed into a wall on a narrow country lane.

These photographs were taken by Examiner reader Mark Mercer, who came across the scene moments after the incident.

Workmen from water company RPS Water had been working on Clough Road, which leads from Scapegoat Hill down to Slaithwaite through Crimble, on Wednesday lunchtime.

The van careered down the road and hit a wall.

Mr Mercer, 69 today, who lives at Scapegoat Hill, said: “Luckily no-one was hurt, but the wall was badly damaged, along with the front of the van.’’

A spokesman for the Oxfordshire-based RPS Group said: “Our guys work in pairs and one of them had left some paperwork in the van.

“He opened the door to reach in and get it, but as he did so accidentally knocked the handbrake off. The two tried to stop the van, but it was impossible.

“It was one of those silly, freakish things that happen.’’