RENOVATION work on a building ended in disaster when its new roof collapsed.

The drama at Sunset Amusements on Southgate in Elland lead to part of the town centre being sealed off.

A roof had been put on the semi-detached property and scaffolders arrived to remove all the poles yesterday.

But as they did they heard an ominous creaking sound and rushed clear.

Shocked passersby then watched as the roof gave way and collapsed into the building at 9.40am.

The impact brought part of the front wall crashing down into the street and caused a huge dust cloud.

Luckily by then police had sealed off the area and no-one was hurt.

Dramatic pictures of the roof giving way were captured by Rae Graham, owner of Studio 9 Photography based on nearby Victoria Road.

He said: "The workmen warned us that the roof was about to go.

"As we watched, it creaked and then just gave way. It was a slate pitched roof and it all caved in."

Eye-witness Gary Fielden, print manager of PF Design and Print on Victoria Road, said the scaffolders did an excellent job warning people in nearby properties.

"If they had not acted so quickly someone could have been badly hurt," he said.

"Once they removed a few poles the roof sagged like a banana," said Mr Fielden.

"About 10 or 15 minutes later a large crack appeared from the top of the window up to the roof and the whole roof just caved in on itself."

Nearby Elland Post Office was also shut as a precaution. It could have been hit if the gable end had collapsed.

The drama came five weeks after a cashier at the arcade was targeted in a knifepoint robbery. The business had remained shut since the raid on February 7.

A Calderdale Council spokesman said: "Two surveyors evaluated the damage and decided in the interests of public safety to close that part of Victoria Road. Bus companies were notified and diversions set in place.

"The premises are privately-owned and we called in demolition experts to assess the situation."

Roads affected by the closure included Southgate, Coronation Street, Victoria Road and Elizabeth Street.

The collapsed building joins on to Whitakers Opticians which had to be evacuated. No-one from the shop was available to comment.