D-Day is looming large for the controversial proposed sweeping changes to hospital health services in Huddersfield and Calderdale.

On October 20 there will be a vital meeting which will either accept or reject the proposals.

The governing bodies of NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG will meet together in public on Thursday, October 20, to reach a decision on the outcome of the consultation and next steps on proposed changes to hospital and community health services in Calderdale and Huddersfield.

Under the plan Huddersfield Royal Infirmary will be demolished and replaced with a far smaller 120-bed hospital – down from the current 400 – for planned care.

The hospital would be built at Acre Mills on the other side of Acre Street.

Calderdale Royal Hospital

Its A&E unit will be closed and replaced by an urgent care centre staffed 24/7 which will treat sprains and strains, broken limb bones, infections, minor burns and scalds, minor head injuries, insect and animal bites and minor eye injuries.

Calderdale Royal Hospital will retain its A&E unit and the hospital will be expanded from 400 beds to between 615 and 700 to include all acute services, including intensive care and specialist paediatrics.

The entire scheme called Right Care Right Time Right Place is expected to cost £470m but it’s far from clear if or when the Government will provide the money.

Although up to 250 people can attend the meetings which will be held at the Cedar Court Hotel, Ainley Top, at 2pm, they will not be able to speak and must get a ticket beforehand.

A CCG spokesman said: “The CCG governing bodies hold their formal business meeting in public at least six times a year as part of their commitment to being open and transparent. This enables local people to come along and listen to the discussion and to see how a decision is reached by the governing body members.

“The purpose of the meeting on October 20 is for each governing body to consider and reach a decision on a single agenda item relating to the outcome of the consultation.

“While the public are welcome to attend as observers, as there have been many opportunities for the public to ask questions and challenge the proposals during the consultation period, no questions from the public will be taken at the meeting.

“There is no charge to attend the meeting. However, in order to manage public interest and for health and safety reasons, admission will be by ticket only.”

Tickets will be released on Monday, October 3 and will be available until 5pm on October 18, or until all tickets have been allocated.

The agenda and any papers will be published on both CCGs’ websites on Thursday, October 13.

The meeting will also be live streamed on the internet to ensure those who are unable to attend can still view the meeting if they wish.

For further information including access to papers, how to book and how to get help with booking or other access needs visit the CCGs’ websites:

NHS Calderdale CCG website https:// www.calderdaleccg.nhs.uk

NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG website https:// www.greaterhuddersfieldccg.nhs.uk

Details on how to watch via live streaming will be provided on the CCGs’ websites nearer the time.