A WOMAN who argued with her husband over Facebook messages was found hanged from her dressing gown cord, an inquest heard.

Julie Plews, 41, was discovered in the bathroom of her Grosvenor Road home on February 26 this year.

Mr Plews told the court in a statement: “We had been to the pub and returned at around 11.30pm. We had argued about a woman who had contacted me on Facebook who I used to know 25 years ago.

“She wanted me to stop any contact. I found out Julie had sent her a message saying ‘keep out of it’.

“I was angry she had sent the message but had already decided to have no contact with the woman.

“We did not talk when we arrived home.

“She went upstairs and I assumed she had gone to bed.

“When I went upstairs I saw her hanging by her pink dressing gown cord on the shower curtain rail.

“I ran downstairs and got a knife and returned and cut her down. She fell into the bath. I called 999 and the operator talked me through CPR.

“The paramedics arrived then worked on her and the police then told me she had died.”

The court heard how 12 months earlier Mrs Plews had attempted to take her own life with a paracetamol overdose but had not sought medical help.

A post mortem examination showed she suffered ligature marks consistent with hanging and toxicology showed she had a low level of alcohol in her system.

Coroner Prof Paul Marks told the court: “This lady had previously taken an overdose of paracetamol. I have also taken into consideration she left no note on this occasion.

“In carrying out this impulsive act she did intend some degree of harm but I am not satisfied that she intended to take her own life.

“I record an open verdict.”

He expressed the court’s sympathy to Mr Plews and his family who were present in court for the hearing.