Hartley: On curfews

WHAT is happening to society? Normal law-abiding people can’t walk the streets without coming across a gang of hooded teenage mongrels standing intimidatingly on corners.

Where are their parents because some of these idiots are only nine, 10 or 11.

They are rude, ignorant and selfish. High on drugs they cause mayhem.

“What are the police doing?’’ you might say. “Their job as best they can; they can’t be everywhere at the same time.’’

What are the parents doing? NOTHING, because they can’t be bothered, too drunk, are at the nightclub, working or entertaining.

Then they have the cheek to give a statement to say how good the child was before it got shot, abducted etc etc.

What we need is a curfew after 8pm. No child under 16 to be out, and if caught without a valid reason then thrown into a cell and brought before a special court in the morning.

Discipline and a crack around the earhole is what is lacking in this country. Too many pen-pushers taking away the rights of parents, teachers and the police.

Chez: On Greenhead ParK

SOME of the funding is from the Heritage Lottery but some from our tax. Do you think it is worth it? Will Greenhead be truly restored to its former glory?

Mamacass: On the Holmfirth lights

JUST had a thought; as the lights are still up maybe they could be turned on for special occasions. It would be lovely to have them on for the folk festival in a couple of weeks. It would be a way of testing to see if they still work!