A MAN died at his friend's home after accidentally overdosing on heroin, an inquest heard.

Stuart George Leigh, 33, of Dewhurst Road, Fartown, died at a house at Gelder Terrace in Moldgreen on September 18 last year.

An inquest in Huddersfield yesterday heard how Mr Leigh and a friend went to Dalton to buy drugs on September 18.

They bought £30 worth of crack cocaine and heroin and went back to the friend's house at Gelder Terrace.

They used separate needles and injected themselves with the drugs.

The friend went to sleep downstairs and Mr Leigh went upstairs into a bedroom and slept on a mattress.

The friend woke up later that night and after going to the shop to buy a drink he checked on Mr Leigh, who was still on the mattress under a duvet.

His friend could not wake him and called an ambulance.

Mr Leigh was pronounced dead at the scene.

A post mortem showed he had traces of codeine, cocaine, methadone, diazepam and alcohol in his blood.

There was 0.18 microgrammes of heroin in a millilitre of blood - the level needed for fatalities is 0.12 microgrammes.

Deputy Coroner Mark Hinchcliffe said: "Substances such as methadone and alcohol can make worse the oppressive effects of heroin on the central nervous system.

"I will avoid using the phrase overdose of heroin as there is no safe dose. But the cause of death was the oppression of the central nervous system due to the effects of heroin."

Mr Hinchcliffe recorded a verdict of death from abuse of drugs.