A MOTHER was confronted with the disgusting sight of used heroin needles and blood when she popped into a Huddersfield town centre public toilet.

Jackie Wilkins, 43, of Bradley, was with daughter Kate, 24, just before 5pm on Monday.

The pair, who were heading towards the town centre from the bus station, stopped to use the public facilities on Albion Street.

Mrs Wilkins said she was greeted by an 'horrendous' sight.

She said: "There were needles in two of the cubicles, which were disgusting, making them unusable.

"There were also tissues covered with blood. It was absolutely horrific.

"If small children had gone in there they could have picked up a needle or even fallen on the floor among everything.

"They could have caught absolutely anything."

Mrs Wilkins also said the lack of public toilets in the town centre a was a disgrace.

She added: "You practically have to go to either Queensgate Market Hall or Tesco.

"You can go in a cafe or a pub, but if you don't buy a drink you are looked at with daggers - which is fair enough.

"When there used to be a toilet in Market Place no-one minded paying because there was an attendant and they were clean and well-maintained.

"That's a million miles away from the Albion Street toilets."

An spokesman for Kirklees Council Environmental Services said: "The Albion Street toilets are cleaned once a day, early in the morning, seven days a week."

They were due to be refurbished and have an attendant very soon.