STUDENT Jordan Dyson has had his laptop computer stolen - along with vital university coursework.

Jordan, who is in his final year of a sports science degree at Huddersfield University, had the silver Packard Bell laptop stolen from the boot of his silver Renault Clio.

The car had been parked overnight outside Jordan's home on Warneford Road, Cowlersley.

The theft was discovered by Jordan's father, Andrew Dyson, as he was returning from work at 6.50am on Monday.

He said: "The car was a mess. The laptop was locked in the boot. They had smashed the back window and because it was a hatchback they could rummage inside the boot."

The laptop was in a black carry case, which contained a floppy disk with all the information for Jordan's dissertation.

This vital piece of coursework is due in three weeks' time - and Jordan has been left without a copy to work from.

His dad said: "We really want the computer back. Otherwise three years' work will have gone down the drain.

"He is just gutted."

The family have reported the matter to the police and are searching pawn shops in Huddersfield in case the thieves have tried to swap the computer for cash.

Mr Dyson said: "We would just say please, please bring it back.

"Those who took it know where they got it from, so they know where to bring it back to. There will be no questions asked."

Alternatively, the laptop can be handed in to police.