MANY hyperactive children will not grow out of the disorder, says a study.

And there is only one clinic in England where adults can be treated for the condition.

A Kirklees Council report says there are no specific facilities in this area for diagnosing and treating attention deficit hyper- activity disorder in adults.

The report to the council's overview and scrutiny management group says up to 70% of children with the behavioural disorder will still have the symptoms as adults.

The symptoms include an impaired ability to sustain attention and difficulty in conforming to expected behaviour.

All referrals in Kirklees are made to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Dewsbury or Huddersfield.

Diagnosis is only made if there are sufficient symptoms which happen in more than one place, such as home and school.

Information is collected from families and school.

If there are indications of other difficulties, then other tests are made.

The report found that most NHS organisations felt children learned to control their symptoms by the time they left school.

It is estimated that 2%-5% of school age children are affected.

The report found that support from social services in Kirklees depended on assessment of need rather than on the specific condition.