Have the recent winter months left you feeling flat and in need of an uplift?

Don't despair, one way to beat the after-effects of winter is to get out into the fresh air.

With springtime here the days are lighter and longer and with Easter holidays to look forward to, what better excuse is there to get the whole family out and about and enjoying the great outdoors!

Outdoor activities make us feel uplifted, invigorated and full of life and doing them as a family is a great way to spend quality time together. It also gives our energy levels a boost and improves our mood, self esteem and motivation.

Recent research by Bold 2in1 Apple Blossom and Lime Zest showed that 36% of parents do not encourage their children to take part in outdoor activity. Furthermore, 92% said that it was difficult to find something to do outdoors in the winter months.

The nationwide poll of 900 families also revealed that 33% of parents admitted that their children spend less than 1 hour a day outside in the fresh air and over 85% said their children spend less than 15 hours a week.

So why not get the whole family off the sofa and outside into the bright sunshine. Find out if there are any Easter egg hunts happening in your area or perhaps go on a nature trail or a family cycle ride.

You'll be surprised at what your local area has to offer - pop into your local library, community centre or simply leaf through the Examiner for inspirational ideas to get you and your family active and out into the fresh air and feeling uplifted!

Simple outdoor activities will really make a difference to how you feel and now you can get the same kind of uplift from your laundry thanks to new Bold 2in1 with the refreshing fragrance of Apple Blossom and Lime Zest.