A 64-YEAR-old army veteran is living in a caravan - outside the Huddersfield home from which he was evicted.

Widower John Boylan was told to move out of the pretty cottage off Fanny Moor Crescent, Longley, by Kirklees Council in December last year.

Officers said he was a squatter and they had no alternative but to shift him.

But Mr Boylan is angry at the decision and says he could be left homeless.

Mr Boylan moved in with a friend who was renting the council property last July. When the tenant moved out, Mr Boylan remained, paying £8 a week rent to his friend.

But yesterday bailiffs arrived to remove Mr Boylan's belongings.

He is now living in an old caravan and fears he will eventually end up on the streets.

He has collected a 300-name petition supporting his bid for a new home.

"When they said I had to move out they wouldn't give me another house," he said.

"I have done all the floors, all the decorating. When I moved in it was a right mess."

Mr Boylan moved from Leeds to Huddersfield last year to be closer to his family following the death of his son, Shaun, aged just 38.

Shaun left six children.

Mr Boylan also has six children and 13 grandchildren living in Lowerhouses and elsewhere in Huddersfield.

Since leaving the Army he has devoted himself to charity and has helped drive food parcels to the needy of Bosnia and Kosovo.

A Kirklees Council spokeswoman said: "He's squatter, which is why he's being evicted. He's not the tenant. "

She added Mr Boylan would have difficulties living in his caravan, too. "People aren't allowed to live in caravans on the roadside, so that will have to be moved."