The spate of Huddersfield dog poisonings has claimed its fourth victim.

Four-year-old pug Douglas died from poisoning after walking in Mirfield’s Quarryfields.

Now owner Reese Hulin, who co-owns Hulin’s Hairdressing salon in Lindley with wife Rebecca, wants dog owners to be increasingly vigilant of the issue.

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Douglas’ death is the latest in a string of recent alleged poisonings, which local dog owners believe are deliberate.

Reese, 52, father to teenagers George, 17, and Freddie, 12, who he said were “heartbroken” by the death, said: “A relative took Douglas out a week last Friday.

“He seemed a little poorly when she dropped him off, but he got worse so we took him to the vets.

Reese Hulin of Hulin's Hairdressing, Lindley, claims his dog was poisoned in Mirfield
Reese Hulin of Hulin's Hairdressing, Lindley, claims his dog was poisoned in Mirfield

“By Monday night he had died. The poison had caused him to bleed to death internally.

“It was horrendous and everyone, particularly Rebecca, who is absolutely devastated.”

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Reese contacted police, but was told they were unable to do anything.

“We just want to spread the message to stop this from happening to another dog owner.

“If someone is doing this deliberately then I don’t know what they’re getting out of it.”

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The shocking story comes after dog owners’ anger over raw chicken being found scattered in fields in Crosland Moor, while three dogs have also died in recent months from alleged poisonings.

Meltham man Tim Dawson’s Patterdale-Lakeland terrier Lily was put to sleep after being posioned in November, while Linthwaite owner Stephen Parr’s terrier Spud died after eating food dumped at Blackmoorfoot reservoir.

A third unnamed dog, owned by another Meltham man, has also died.