A teenager was caught drink-driving - after drinking vodka by mistake.

Charlotte Peach, 19, believed that she had drunk two glasses of peach schnapps when she got behind the wheel on October 25.

But a friend had handed her stronger drinks containing vodka instead.

Peach, of Fieldhead Gardens in Dewsbury, crashed into a wall as she headed home at just before 6am.

She was banned from driving for a year by Kirklees magistrates.

Her solicitor Paul Blanchard said: “Her friend is apologetic about giving her drinks she wasn’t aware of.”

The crash happened at the junction of Chidswell Lane and Leeds Road in Dewsbury.

Jill Seddon, prosecuting, said: “The defendant collided with a wall and police arrived to find her still in the vehicle. She was breathalysed at the police station and had 44 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

“The defendant said she came around the corner wrong and hit the wall.

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She said: ‘I only had two glasses of peach schnapps’.”

Peach, who had no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving whilst over the prescribed limit.

Paul Blanchard, mitigating, said that Peach’s friend had given her stronger drinks without her knowledge.

He explained: “Vodka with an alcohol content of 40% was placed in her drink instead of peach schnapps which is 18 or 19%.”

Deputy District Judge Tim Spruce banned Peach from driving for months.

She also has to pay £120 fine, £85 costs and £20 victim surcharge.