TWO campaigns to ease Yorkshire's gridlocked roads are being launched.

Next week, crunch talks begin between freight bosses, councils and other concerned organisations to find better ways of getting lorries in and out of towns and villages.

The aim is to make sure people and businesses get the goods they want when they want them.

The freight industry contributes to the employment of more than 50,000 people in Yorkshire and Humberside and handles an average of 80m tonnes a year.

Yorkshire and Humber Assembly chairman Peter Box will unveil the strategy at Xscape ski slope in Castleford on Wednesday.

He said: "We must realise the strategy alone will not tackle all the challenges. I see it as a starting point."

In a separate bid to make Britain's roads run smoothly the RAC Foundation today revealed the reasons behind ``phantom jams.

These jams can leave motorway lanes at a standstill, but there is no obvious reason.

However, the foundation blames:

* Tailgating

* Lorries, coaches or cars travelling slowly in the outside lane

* Drivers braking when they see a police car

* Speed cameras

* People rubbernecking accidents on the other carriage.

Edmund King, the foundation's executive director, said: "There are scientists all over the world studying the dynamics of traffic flow and stop-go waves.

"But we are convinced that travelling too close is nearly always at the root of the jams.

"Tailgating is one the most dangerous and foolish examples of bad driving. But we see it every day. It is also one of the biggest factors in triggering road rage."