POLICE have arrested three people trying to smuggle drugs to inmates in West Yorkshire prisons.

Officers have carried out four days of action in recent weeks to catch offenders and deter others tempted to do the same.

One of the arrests was at New Hall Women's Prison, near Flockton.

The other prisons targeted were Wakefield Prison, Armley Jail in Leeds and Wealstun Young Offenders' Institution, near Wetherby, where the other two arrests were made.

The drugs seized included cannabis, steroids and a heroin substitute.

Det Insp Andy Best, of the drug and organised crime group, said: "Drugs impact on society and, although out of sight, this extends to prisons.

"We have joined forces with the prison service to ensure that all drug routes into the prison are blocked and anyone who tries to bring drugs in will be arrested."

Sniffer dogs identified a number of people who had a similar scent to that of illegal drugs in the queues of visitors at each of the prisons.

These people were searched by officers from Det Insp Best's group and the three arrests were made.

Det Insp Best added: "While we work on tackling drugs at a local level, there are teams across the force and the country tackling drugs at every level of the market including the use, production and supply.

"Many drugs users live in a cycle of drugs, crime and prison.

"While in prison it is essential they are targeted by drug treatment programmes and seize the opportunity to break free of drugs.

"Putting temptation in their way undermines the efforts of the individual and the prison and jeopardises the resettlement process.

"Any initiative that reduces the availability of drugs benefits the individual, the criminal justice system and society as a whole," added Det Insp Best.

Anyone with information about suspected drug dealing activity is urged to Dob in a Dealer anonymously by phoning Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.