A drunk teenager was arrested after banging on a stranger’s front door.

Police were called to the house in Greenhead shortly before 6am on November 26.

There they found 19-year-old Jay Wilkinson who appeared drunk and claimed to live there, although that was not the case.

Kirklees magistrates were told that the officers took him to Huddersfield Railway Station so that he could get a taxi home.

Prosecutor Vanessa Jones said: “The defendant said he had no money and it was suggested to him that he called somebody to pick him up.

“He refused to do that and told police: ‘I’m not a f*****g d******d’ and continued swearing.”

Wilkinson, of Hillcrest Drive in Bradford, then behaved in a similar way when he was taken into custody.

Magistrates were told that the mechanics student held no previous convictions.

He told them: “It was a stupid mistake. I was heavily drunk and don’t remember it.”

Magistrates gave him a conditional discharge for 12 months.

He will still have to pay £20 victim surcharge.