POLICE in Huddersfield have been learning Polish in a bid to improve links with the new community coming in from eastern Europe.

A dozen Kirklees Neighbourhood Policing Team officers have been learning the language through Huddersfield University.

So instead of saying hello, hello, hello – not that anyone really says that these days – it will be dzien dobry, dzien dobry, dzien dobry!

The five-week course is being taught by Polish students at the university.

They have also been providing the officers with an insight into the country’s culture.

It will help the police to respond better to the needs of the growing Polish community here.

Chief Insp Julie Sykes said: “The feedback has been excellent and officers have said they have found the courses really useful in helping them on the beat.

“We wanted them to work with students from Poland so they could get a better understanding of Polish culture while learning the language, in addition to picking up useful phrases which they need to know, but may not get through conventional lessons.’’

One of the students on the course, Pc Lisa Harley, had studied Urdu while working in Calderdale.

She said: “It really does open so many doors for you.

“Even just being able to say hello to someone from another country makes a difference as it helps you build a relationship of trust with them.’’