AN ELDERLY man had to be taken to hospital following a fire at his home.

The man suffered from smoke inhalation after the chip pan he was cooking with caught fire.

Two crews from Batley and Dewsbury attended the flat at Fairmoor Way, Heckmondwike, at 11.40pm on Saturday.

Police were already there and had forced entry into the property

The smoke was confined to the kitchen and firefighters used positive pressure ventilation to clear it.

The man, thought to be in his 70s, was taken to Dewsbury District Hospital by ambulance.

A spokesman for Batley fire station said that his injuries could have been far worse.

He said: "The important thing for him was that his smoke alarms went off and this alerted his neighbour who called police.

"Smoke is the killer and it was coming out of the kitchen window.

"Without the smoke alarms it wouldn’t have taken long for this man to have been in real trouble."

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