A HERITAGE organisation is considering listing the factory chimney at Dobroyd Mills in Jackson Bridge.

Concerned neighbour Andrew Heath-Beesley applied to English Heritage after scaffolding appeared around the 102ft chimney three weeks ago.

English Heritage says it will decide whether to recommend legal protection.

If granted, alterations to the building will be strictly controlled.

The chimney has already been shortened but landlord Z Hinchliffe and Sons says it has been repairing the structure.

The Denby Dale firm said the chimney would not be removed ‘at the moment’.

English Heritage has confirmed it will be carrying out an assessment of the building and has appealed for interested parties to send their comments to them.

Mr Heath-Beesley, of Jackson Bridge, said: “I was at school picking up the children and my eldest son said he couldn’t see the chimney from the school anymore.

“The mill and the chimney is part of the heritage of the town.

“English Heritage is now recognising more and more old industrial buildings.”

Dobroyd Mills was built in 1829 and fine cloth manufacturer Dobroyd Ltd was founded at the mill in 1919.

The mill closed in 1974 but was reopened in 1976 under John Woodhead Ltd spinners.

It currently houses several businesses including a classic car restoration firm.