THEY appear, quite literally, overnight.

Garish posters and leaflets advertising concerts and club nights have turned approaches into Huddersfield into scruffy advertising corridors.

Now a local pressure group has warned: Enough is enough.

The Huddersfield Town Centre Partnership has launched a bid to try to improve the image of the town by getting rid of the flyposters pasted on empty buildings, walls and building site hoardings.

Town centre manager Cathy Burger watched as four Kirklees community rangers in blue overalls squirted and scraped the posters off buildings on Queensgate yesterday to kickstart the campaign.

She said: “The College Arms and Bar Amour, both of which closed down some time ago, are on the ring road making them very visible to visitors, but unfortunately some bars and clubs are using the building as a billboard.

“It’s not the image of Huddersfield that we want to project.”

This action came the day after it was announced in the Examiner that 60 Kirklees Council staff will have the power to hand out fines to litter louts.

Mrs Burger wants town centre bars and clubs to stop flyposting on buildings across the town.

She said: “I’m asking businesses to think twice about putting posters up that make the place look derelict. It doesn’t help the town as a whole. All businesses benefit when the town centre looks well.”

But Mrs Burger added that the problem was worse now that Huddersfield University’s autumn term has begun.

She said: “As soon as the students come back we find more of these posters up. We took a load of them down on Saturday.”

Mrs Burger is town centre manager for the Huddersfield Town Centre Partnership, featuring about 170 businesses and organisations like Kirklees Council.

She said: “The partnership works with many groups to make the town centre look as pretty as possible with things like hanging baskets. We spend a lot of time and energy making our town look good.”

Mrs Burger praised the council’s community rangers who carried out yesterday’s clean-up.

She said: “They do a lot of good work cleaning up graffiti and letting us know about grot-spots.”