Everyone's got one - an uncle, a neighbour or someone you say hello to at the bus stop, with Brylcreemed hair, black framed NHS glasses and a penchant for discussing his latest DIY project or a lovely afternoon visiting the Cumberland Pencil Museum with the wife.

John Shuttleworth is that man - and he's touring Britain with his new show, a Wee Ken to Remember, in a bid for pop superstardom. But a man who lives in Walkley in Sheffield next door to his agent Ken Worthington, who got his Cuban heels stuck on a barstool and had to be helped down by two barmaids, is probably not a contender for this year's Christmas number one.

All the better for us then, because we get to see the man himself on stage at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, with his Yamaha PSS portable keyboard and song list stuck on with duct tape.

All I knew of John before the concert was a vague memory of a song called Pigeons in Flight (which he put forward for the Eurovision Song Contest in the late 1990s) and that coupled with the image of the man, who closely resembles my late uncle Derek Micklethwaite, master baker at Charnock's in Batley for 40 years - but that gave me a good idea of what was coming up at the LBT!

Pigeons in Flight is just the start - John's got songs detailing the 'nightmare scenario' of having two tubs of margarine on the go at the same time; the perceived regrets of the man who lives at Stott Hall Farm in between the east and westbound carriageways of the M62 and the dilemma of what to do once you've started on your afters but your daughter can't finish her 'stunning' shepherd's pie - can you go back to savoury?

Obviously John takes his music incredibly seriously - so he's oblivious to the crowd as they're bent over double with laughter, but he does encourage a bit of audience participation, getting us to shout 'which little boy?' after he sings 'I put a bandage on a little boy’s knee' (it was the lead singer from Def Leppard).

At two hours, he's not quite in Bruce Springsteen territory for concert longevity but it's enough time for him to perform all his hits with a medley at the end of each half; keep us all up to date with his most recent activities and make a couple of calls to his agent Ken and his wife Mary, who he says is annoyed because she thinks he's forgotten their anniversary.

I can't imagine John ever gets flustered about much - even a woman who's shrieking with laughter in the audience is chastised with a gentle 'shut up'!

I don't think it will be a performance I'll forget in a hurry, but just in case, I've got my 'hone your lyrics with John Shuttleworth's songwriting pen'!