IT’S BEEN an uneventful few months horse-wise, but quite eventful for me as I have been unwell for a few months and so pretty much out of action.

I am only just back riding now since early January, and it was so good to get back in the saddle.

Luckily, though Jim doesn’t think so. I have had two people exercising him and so he has been kept ‘ticking over’.

We have also had an angel in the guise of a young woman called Rachel who comes and does all the mucking out and more Monday to Friday.

She really has been a godsend. Rachel rides Jim, as does Karen.

The horses have all managed winter fine and look healthy and have kept their weight on.

Evie, the youngest on the yard, Tiggy’s latest foal, is now huge and is more settled, in that she is easier to handle.

It makes a difference during winter when the horses are being taken in and out from the fields, so that they are being constantly handled.

We have to bring the horses in along a lane to the stables from the field and cars pass us with their headlights on. It can be quite unnerving for a youngster, but Evie just takes it in her stride now.

Echo has had a bridle on, accepting it like he had been wearing one from the day he was born and is still so laid back that it is hard to believe he is so young.

Sadly, I have decided that I am going to sell him and Evie, as, due to ill-health, I need to cut down on the number of horses that I have in the yard.

I also don’t have time to give all the horses the attention that they deserve.

So if anyone out there is interested in two very well- handled and beautiful horses, give me a ring!

Kate still manages to get out with Zen a lot and he has become a lot more easygoing over the past year.

He can be quite nervy with buses and wagons, but no longer reacts like he used to.

I think he just trusts Kate so much that he knows he doesn’t have to be scared.

Tilly, the Shetland pony and her son Jasper, (better known as the demon) are fine and have wintered well, though Jasper has been very jumpy lately and quite a handful, but we can’t fathom out why.

I think maybe something has happened in the field to make him nervous, but who knows.

Chance, the last horse to come into the yard and who had previously been badly mistreated, is still recuperating and has a long way to come.

He is still scared of people he doesn’t know and worries when you go in the stable to do anything with him, such as to change his rug or put on his head collar.

It’s such a shame, as he really is a sweetie.

Horace has been doing really well with Nicola and they are out competing most weekends. I have finally agreed to sell Horace to her.

She loves him the same as I do; crazy woman!

Nicola is hoping to go affiliated eventing this year, so all the best to her and Horace. He’s proved to be not such a wimp after all.