NEWSOME Ward Community Forum is one of the busiest in town.

Its activities range from developing a wildlife site to organising a top-notch Christmas party for kids.

Of course, the more dynamic and successful the group is, the more funds it requires.

So forum members are hoping cash from the Examiner’s Wish 2012 appeal will enable it to keep up with the demand for its services.

Julie Stewart-Turner, chairman for the past seven years, said: "Basic administration and insurance costs mean we need between £400 to £500 just to start with.

"We are largely self-funded though we do get grants to fund specific projects.

"Funding to cover running costs is very difficult to find so we would use it to help sustain core activity, including annual insurance, work to church grounds, the children's Christmas party and play activity for children and young people.

"Our group allows representatives of voluntary organisations, community workers and residents to come together, share information and explore ways to support each other.

"It encourages the development of community-based activity and empowers people to pursue shared passions and fill identified gaps."

The group has bimonthly meetings.