A VOLUNTARY group which encourages adults to keep active is hoping the Examiner’s Wish will give funds a kick-start.

Pam’s People aims to engage over 50s in low-level activities to raise awareness of body and mind exercises.

Pamela Circera, 62, was motivated to set up her own group after she saw first-hand the benefits of mobility exercise when her husband, Alan, had a mini stroke.

“I do believe in the benefits of exercise as I’ve seen what its done for Alan,’’ she said. “I also know how isolated people can get in their own homes and it starts a vicious cycle.

“I also wanted to add a social element to the session so we have provided tea and coffee for people to relax and have a bit of a natter afterwards.”

But Pam’s plans to set up her group were set back when she suffered injuries when a wall fell on her at her home.

“I broke my jaw and had a double break in my leg,’’ she said.

“I delayed the group for a year because of it, but I actually think the sessions are therapy for me. I wanted to do something positive.”

The group meets fortnightly at St Michael and St Helen’s Church and Community Hall, in Almondbury. She continued: “The class is ideal for anyone who would like to improve their stamina in a safe, friendly environment.”

Speaking of the Wish Campaign she said: “We need to purchase our own props and equipment.

“At present we are using items on loan from Kirklees Culture and Leisure Services for movement and games in chairs. I think the Wish campaign is very good at enabling small initiative to flourish.”

For more information about Pam’s People phone 01484 306122.

This marks the end of the token collecting for our highly popular Wish campaign. Groups now need to collate all their tokens and get them to us by January 7.