A SCHOOL'S pond has been an eyesore for years, say people who have to look at it every day.

People who live near Almondbury High School say they have made several appeals to staff to sort out the mess.

But the pond keeps being targeted by vandals and rubbish dumpers.

Tim Pearson, of Eastlands, which overlooks the pond, said the situation had become dangerous.

He added: "The pond was formed from scrubland and used to be a nice environmental feature when it was built.

"But it has been in a terrible state for a number of years.

"It's full of junk, including tyres and the obligatory shopping trolley."

Mr Pearson said he had cleaned it out a couple of times and an environmental group was involved at one point.

He went on: "It's a health and safety risk and only a matter of time before someone gets hurt there.

"As soon as the frogspawn season starts, children come to the pond and carry out unbelievably cruel acts on frogs.

"We now have stagnant water, and it is causing drainage problems.

"The pond could, if maintained properly, be an invaluable educational tool to benefit the local community.

"But at the present time it is just a hazard," said Mr Pearson.

Headteacher Janet Tolley agreed that the pond urgently needed work doing on it and has appealed for the community to rally round and help.

She said a clean-up day has been organised for Tuesday, March 22, and has urged local residents and environmental groups to help, as the work is too dangerous for pupils.

"We see this as a community issue," she added. "The pond was built to make the area nice and also to be used as part of the curriculum.

"Over the years there have been various clean-ups to try to rectify the problem.

"We are at the stage where it needs to be done again," said Ms Tolley.

Anyone who can help on March 22 should phone Keith Hilton on 01484 223910.