A family has spoken of their devastation after a blaze ripped through their house - five days before Christmas.

Mum Lauren Fox came home from the school run on Wednesday afternoon to see smoke pouring from her house.

The fire caused extensive fire and smoke damage to the kitchen and living room of the house on St John Street, Westtown, Dewsbury, when it broke out at around 3.30pm yesterday.

Lauren believes the fire started in a plastic toy garage which had been left next to a hot radiator. She said the heat from the radiator caused plastic from the toy to melt and set the carpet below on fire.

Fire damage caused to the Fox family house in Dewsbury

The Fire Service, however, have said 'the most likely cause of the fire' was a lit candle which set fire to papers, which the fell onto a plastic toy setting it alight.

The family will now be spending Christmas away from home in alternative accommodation provided by their landlord. The house is not expected to be habitable until the New Year.

Fire damage caused to the Fox family house in Dewsbury

Last night Lauren and her partner Danny spent the night in a hotel - paid for by the landlord. Their four children - Peyton and Paige, both 8; Maddison, six, and Deacon, four, were divided between the grandparents' houses.

Lauren, 28, said: "I was coming back from the school run and I saw fireman and people outside my house and smoke coming out.

"The landlord is sorting us alternative accommodation and he's got contractors on the ball. It's hard but at least he's trying to do what he can.

Fox family, of Dewsbury. From left: Peyton, Maddison, mum Lauren, dad Danny, Deacon and Paige

"The surveyor has been and it's not going to be until New Year before we can move back in.

"It's disappointing but the main thing is the kids are happy. On Christmas Eve we're staying at Danny's mum and dad's so we can be together."