A NEWSOME family have been left for two months with a gaping hole in the living room floor of their council house.

Kelly Thomson and her three young children, who live at Ashenhurst Avenue, have had the hole since January 6.

The hole - which is the width of two floorboards - appeared when flooring gave way.

For some time, the family had noticed the floorboards felt `bouncy' when they walked on them.

Damp had caused joists and floorboards to weaken and the same problem is still present in the hallway.

Miss Thomson said: "If you stand on the floor it flexes. It feels like I'm bouncing.

"The hole is big enough for my youngest child to fit through."

When the hole appeared, the family complained immediately to Kirklees Council.

However, the only repair which has taken place in two months involved a council worker placing plywood over the hole.

Miss Thomson said: "Initially I was told to keep the kids out of the living room. That is very hard to do indefinitely, as you are in that room 90% of the time."

Two firms - Timberwise and Ollerstons - have surveyed the house on behalf of the council.

Both firms - and a council health and safety inspector - said a complete new floor was required, plus new flooring under the stairs and near the front door.

Rotten skirting boards in the living room also needs replacing.

After several enquiries, the family still have no idea when the work will be done.

Miss Thomson said: "My eldest child Joel, 5, and my youngest one, Charis, 15 months, have asthma, so we try to keep them warm in cold weather, but there is a draught from the hole. I have another daughter, Letisha, 3.

"It's taking forever and we just keep getting fobbed off all the time."

A Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing spokeswoman said work was ordered to rectify the problems on February 3.

However, it was delayed for health and safety reasons.

She said: "It cannot be carried out with children in the house. KNH was looking for suitable temporary accommodation for the family.

"However, Ms Thomson told us on Friday that the children were staying with relatives, so this will allow the work to be done while the tenant is still there.

"The contractors have been contacted again to ask them to liaise with the tenant to schedule the work as soon as possible."