LETTERS repeatedly sent to a dead woman by two Kirklees councillors have left her relatives angry and upset.

Despite calls and emails from Edith Lea's family, Liberal Democrats Linda Wild and Jim O'Reilly sent two letters to her.

Mrs Lea died in June last year.

She had lived with her son-in-law, Richard Butler, aged 57 and daughter Pauline, 58, at their home Clay Butts, Birkby, for 10 years.

The problems started when the Butlers received two questionnaires from the councillors.

One was addressed to the couple and the second to Mrs Lea.

Mr Butler filled his own form in, then wrote on the other that Mrs Lea had died. He returned both, asking the councillors to update their records.

But in the middle of March a letter arrived addressed to Mrs Lea, thanking her for taking the time to complete the survey.

Mr Butler phoned Clr O'Reilly and sent emails to him and Clr Wild, repeating his call for them to remove Mrs Lea's name from the mailing list.

But then this month a second letter was sent to Mrs Lea, giving an update on traffic-calming measures.

Mr Butler said: "If they can't get the basics right how are they going to run a council?"

"Both of them signed that second letter. They obviously hadn't taken her off the mailing list. They send letters out willy-nilly."

Clr Wild replied: "We did apologise and are very, very sorry. We have removed her from the list.

"We don't want to cause distress to anybody."

She added: "We felt really sickened. We don't want to upset anybody and we do get things right.

"Out of all the hundreds and thousands of letters we send out sometimes these thing do happen.

"They probably had the right to be upset, because it was mistake," said Clr Wild.