YOUNG designers from Huddersfield hope to see their ideas in print.

Crosland Hill-based Black Cat and Standard Fireworks has worked with 115 design students from the University of Huddersfield for the first time on a three-year project to design firework packaging.

And the impressive project has now reached the next stage, with five finalists being chosen for their innovation and ideas.

The finalists – Paul Hopkinson, Ibrar Mohammed, Ashley Pennington, Sam Scrimshaw and Matthew Bornshin – are first-year students studying Graphic Design and Illustration.

They will now spend more time working with Black Cat and Standard Fireworks to see how packaging is developed within a real life company from initial concept, through consultation with customers to the final design that goes to print.

They will also be taken on a tour of a local print works to see how designs are turned into actual packaging.

The students’ designs could be used on fireworks sold via the Black Cat website or independent brochure or possibly in to some of Black Cat’s customers such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Homebase.

Paul Hopkinson, one of the finalists, said: “It’s a great opportunity to work with a well-established company and get some real life experience, in just the first year of our course – you don’t expect to get this type of opportunity.

“This will be an amazing boost to my CV as the industry we are trying to get into is so competitive, this type of experience will make us stand out from the rest.”

Helen Ashton, marketing manager at Black Cat and Standard Fireworks added: “We have been really pleased with the enthusiastic response from the students and very impressed with the high standard of work submitted for the project.

“Our aim is for the some of the students’ designs to go into production, as this would be fantastic for their CV and portfolio once they finish their degree. It also brings fresh inspiration to our brands.”