A VILLAGE pub will re-open this week – thanks to the Examiner.

But Sun Inn licensee Sue Greenwood is still fuming, after electricity chiefs cut off her supply because of a bill unpaid by a previous tenant of the Flockton pub.

She is angry that she has lost a week’s trade, has had to throw away hundreds of pounds worth of food stored in fridges and freezers and has had to eat takeaway meals because she lives at the pub.

NPower apologised to Mrs Greenwood yesterday after the Examiner contacted them to raise her concerns.

But they said they were unable to reconnect her until today at the earliest, meaning she lost another weekend of trading.

Mrs Greenwood, who took over the Barnsley Road pub three months ago, was shocked when officials called on her last Tuesday.

“They turned up the pub while I was out and told a member of my staff they were there to cut off the power.

“She rang me in a panic and when I got there, they said there was an outstanding electricity bill for more than £7,000 that had to be paid, or else the power supply would be cut off.

“I explained to them that in the three months I had been there, my electricity bill had totalled £650 and every penny of that had been paid on time.

“The previous bill was nothing at all do to with me and I was staggered to think a company like NPower had let anyone run up a bill like that. They would not listen and cut off the supply that day.

“It meant I had to get rid of all the fresh food in the fridges, sort out the beer which was cooled by electric coolers and lay off three people from the village who work in the pub for me.

“I came into the pub having run The Lockwood in Huddersfield successfully for more than two years. Enterprise Inns own the pub and they have been very helpful but have got nowhere.”

She contacted the Examiner and the details were passed on to NPower.

Within an hour, a member of the company’s customer services team had contacted Mrs Greenwood and assured her she would be reconnected, but not until this week.

“I’m so grateful to the Examiner for helping me but it still means I have lost a week of business.

“People see the pub closed and think ‘Look, another pub gone to the wall’. That is not the case”.

An NPower spokesman said: “We have spoken to Mrs Greenwood and confirmed she can have her supply restored, which will be done early this week.”