A HUDDERSFIELD man who gave up a well-paid job as a pharmacist to create a film, is set to debut his second movie.

Iqbal Mohammed, 28, is set to premiere his film Against the Norm in Huddersfield in February 2013.

Fans will be able to see the film at a premiere at Huddersfield’s Odeon cinema.

Iqbal, from Marsh, said: “After my last film, I wanted to do something on my own.

“The idea of the film started after a phone call with a friend. I was telling him I needed something to write.

“We said that each race seems to be represented in the same way in film and television and they follow stereotypes.

“I think people shouldn’t judge and that was the idea behind this film, to remove the stereotypes.”

Against the Norm is a 30 minute comedy film about three students who are accused of cheating on their mock General Studies exam.

The three students then form an unlikely alliance to battle the college street dance crew at the college dance.

The film was designed to be different from anything being produced in film and television at the moment.

The writing of the film was completed some time ago but the technical production took some time.

He said: “Filming took three days and I had to travel down to London to do it, due to the cast being from there.

“I stayed in a Travelodge for all the days of filming and we were working from 7am until 7pm.

“The 12-hour days were gruelling and we were so tired by the end of filming. But I got a great sense of completion.

“I produced half of the film myself and then started to struggle so I got some help.”

All money raised on the premiere night will be donated to the NSPCC and The Variety Children’s Charity.

Mr Mohammed said: “I know time will fly by until the premiere of the film.

“For my last film The Pharmacist, I was given everything for the debut with a date set already, but this time it was different”.

The film is in post-production with an expected deadline for completion of Christmas.

The premiere is set to take place in February 2013, at the Odeon Cinema complex near the John Smith’s stadium.

Iqbal’s last film The Pharmacist saw great success in America but failed to take off in the UK.

Tickets to the film’s US premiere in Washington DC sold out five weeks prior to the showing.

Iqbal and his team were also invited to show The Pharmacist at Atlanta’s Get Connected film event where it was the headline film.

Mr Mohammed said: “My first film was a great experience and I learned a lot from it.

“It certainly made this film a lot easier to write.

“It was great to finish filming, it might sound cheesy but it gave me a great sense of completion.

“It seemed like such a long time from having the film on paper to having it finally filmed and completed”.

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