A SLEEPY village road has been turned into a "motorway" by thundering trucks with potentially deadly effects, claim residents.

Flockton residents say their rural idyll is under threat from lorries which use narrow Barnsley Road.

Beverley Jepson, 42, says she has stopped rebuilding her garden wall due to the number of crashes.

She added: "You are dicing with death on that road.

"It is only a matter of time before someone is killed.

"Instead of a quiet village road it's more like the M1."

Worried locals say that large lorries are ignoring road weight restrictions and rumbling through the village.

Michael Campy, whose home faces the road, said: "It's a narrow road but we are getting increasingly bigger vehicles coming up through the village.

"There's a weight restriction but no-one takes any notice because no-one is being slapped on the wrist.

"There's no point having a sign because it's not enforced."

Mr Campy said last Thursday a van ploughed into the wall at the bottom of his garden, with the driver narrowly missing serious injury.

He added: "Ultimately someone is going to get killed.

"When these heavy loads come down they have to get on to the path because their wing mirrors would smash against each other if they are on the road.

"People are saying they are frightened for their children going to school or anyone walking along the road."

Villagers are now campaigning for increased help from police and Kirklees Council road bosses to make the dangerous stretch safer.

Mary Creagh, Labour's parliamentary candidate for Wakefield including Flockton, said she was behind the residents' fight.

She added: "I was talking to the residents and in just 20 minutes eight heavy goods vehicles went past which were clearly breaking weight restrictions.

"It's clear that Kirklees is going to have to take some very serious enforcement action on this road.

"They shouldn't have to wait until some is killed to do that."