GRAHAM Rushworth is living all his yesterdays all over again.

The former professional drummer now has the Natural Choice health food shop in Westbourne Road, Marsh.

He also features in Roger Mallinson's book Do You Want To Be In A Group that tells the story of Huddersfield's rock and roll bands from 1957 to 1963.

The histories of The Cadillacs, Witchdoctors, Phantoms and 45 more groups are told in the book which Graham is selling at his shop.

It is also available at Ottakar's in Huddersfield (where it has sold out twice).

"I have sold loads," he says. "I have had a constant stream of ageing, fat, balding, limping rock and rollers coming into the shop. It's been really nice meeting people again, some I didn't know that well, who were either in bands at the time or relatives or fans.

"There has also been a few of the girl fans as well, who knew us in those days of rock and roll. It's been terrific meeting everybody and talking over old times."

(Do You Want To Be In A Group by Roger Mallinson, Central Publishing, £14 99).