CLIMATE change campaigners have called for urgent action over plane emissions.

Huddersfield Friends of the Earth say it’s “crazy” for Prime Minister Gordon Brown to leave aviation emissions off the vital Climate Change Law.

The group held a stunt on Saturday which showed a dummy of Gordon Brown playing with an aeroplane, hoping aviation emissions will simply go away.

FoE want the stunt to make people, including local MPs, realise the significance of global warming and the need for urgent action.

Iain Solanki-Willats from the Huddersfield Friends of the Earth group said: “It’s crazy for Gordon Brown to leave out climate-changing emissions from planes and ships from the new Climate Change Law – but that’s what he is doing.

“Why should our local industry and businesses be held to account for their carbon emissions but not the aviation industry?”

The event on Saturday was the culmination of the six-month campaign The Big Ask which is highlighting the problems of climate change.

Members have been pushing for more action to ensure the future of the planet is protected.

They want the UK to lead by example and take action now before it is too late.

Mr Solanki-Willats added: “We are pleased to be part of one of few countries that is introducing a climate change law, but we feel it could go even further.

“Aviation is one of the biggest polluters and we feel that more can be done to help reduce emissions and help to protect the environment. The Government realises it is a major concern and now needs to show international leadership and lead by example.

“People as individuals can do a lot themselves, but we do need the Government to do more on our behalf.

“We need our local MPs onside and we hope they will work with us in the future.”

As part of the Climate Change Law, the Government has vowed to cut the number of emissions by 60% by 2050.

But scientists and experts say it is not enough and that the figure should be 80%.

Over the last six months local supporters have run stalls and workshops aimed at highlighting the issue.

They have also been working closely with the Huddersfield Churches Together group to spread the message.

In December, protesters dressed as polar bears and penguins marched through the town centre to highlight the campaign.

Local campaigner Tim Padmore has also been trying to reduce his carbon footprint to one tonne – a tenth of the British average.

The Honley man is aiming to change his lifestyle to reduce his contribution to global warming.

Local MPs are expected to vote on the Climate Change bid later this month.