COMMUNITY service was the theme of the annual open day run by Huddersfield's branch of the Parkinson's Disease Society.

The event was held in Huddersfield Town Hall on Saturday as part of Parkinson's Disease Awareness Week.

Representatives from Age Concern, carers' organisation Crossroads, social services, the NHS Patient Advisory and Liaison Service and St Luke's Hospital Barton Rehabilitation Centre, Crosland Moor, were there to give information.

Jennifer Tellez, Huddersfield secretary of the Parkinson's Disease Society, said: "We want people to know more about what we do.

"We are not reaching as many people as we would like, especially from minority ethnic groups."

Kirklees Mayor Clr Barbara Allonby presented the society with a National Lottery Blue Plaque.

Blue Plaques were launched by lottery operator Camelot to publicise charitable work done with lottery cash.

The plaques go to groups which have received a share of £14bn over the past 10 years.

The Huddersfield PDS received £43,000 last year, to pay for community development worker Kim Horton.

Mrs Tellez, who was at Saturday's event, offers an ear to Parkinson's disease sufferers.

She mans a phone line, makes home visits to advise sufferers about services and benefits available to them.

She also visits people in residential homes.

To contact the Huddersfield society, phone Mrs Tellez on 01484 305360.

* The Parkinson's Disease Society is the only UK charity for sufferers from the disease.

* It offers advice to individuals and health professionals and pays for research into the disease.

* Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurological condition that causes muscle shakes and stiffness, making it hard for sufferers to move and talk.