ARMED police tasered a man thought to be carrying a gun on a village housing estate.

A 48-year-old man, believed to be from the Scissett area, was tasered and arrested on Sunnymead at around 8pm on Saturday.

Police had received a report of a man carrying a firearm in public at around 5pm.

After the man failed to co-operate with police he was shot with a taser and arrested.

A nearby house was later searched and police have confirmed that several replica weapons were recovered.

Neighbours said several police vehicles, marked and unmarked, and a helicopter were on the scene minutes after the incident was reported.

The man was held in police custody yesterday.

One neighbour said: “I was just coming home when I saw the man walking down the road with a gun in his hand. I thought: ‘Oh God. What’s he going to do with that?’ I was shocked so I rang the police.

“Police were watching his house. He came out of the playing fields.

“They were on him straight away – they lifted him up and put him in a car.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “Following reports of a man with a firearm in the Scissett area police attended an address in Sunnymead at around 8pm.