HAPPY memories are the key to a long life, Mildred Kaye believes.

She celebrated her 100th birthday this week so it’s likely there is something in what she says.

Mrs Kaye was delighted to receive a telegram from the Queen to mark her special day, which she celebrated at the Da Sandro Restaurant in Birchencliffe on Saturday.

Her daughter Francis Ives said: “She loves to read and likes going to the theatre and listening to music and she has a great sense of humour.

“She was such a great mother and loves her family and loves being surrounded by us all and her many friends.

“Mum said it was a lifetime of happiness and a lot of happy memories that have led to her reaching 100 years.”

Mildred Kaye, nee Taylor, was born on April 3, 1908 at Queen Street in Paddock.

She was one of ten children to Francis and Arthur Taylor, having six brothers and three sisters.

The family moved to Branch Street some years later and Mrs Kaye went to Paddock Board School.

However, her education was disrupted during the First World War.

At the age of 13 Mrs Kaye left school and became one of the first pupils to attend the Miss Blatten’s Business College, above the current Woolworths store in the town centre.

She developed a variety of business skills and went to work at Park Wood Mills where she met her husband John Kaye.

The couple married in 1939 and moved to Halifax and had two children, Francis and John.

Mrs Kaye became an avid golf player and was a member of the Outlane Golf Club for many years.

She now lives in a Halifax nursing home where she enjoys taking part in the many social activities.