THE chances of being born on a leap year are 1 in 1,461.

So staff at Crow Lane Primary and Foundation Stage School were amazed to discover two leap year babies in the same class.

Niamh Bull and Daisy Burns-Smith both celebrated only their second official birthdays yesterday – despite being born on February 29, 2004.

The Milnsbridge school held celebrations throughout the day and head teacher Mrs Wendy Wallace led an assembly on leap years in honour of the two eight-year-old Year 3 pupils.

Niamh celebrated her special day last weekend with all her friends so that she can enjoy Daisy’s disco on Saturday.

She said: “I celebrated on February 25 and I went to the Fun Factory with 12 friends.

“It was lots of fun.

“I had a cake today at home as well though and we have been celebrating in school.

“We only get to have a real birthday every four years but normally I celebrate on February 28.”

Daisy said: “I am excited for my party next week because I am going to be having a disco at my house.

“We have been learning about leap years in school and we have had party poppers and we have danced too.

“It does feel special to have a leap year birthday because everybody remembers when your birthday is.

“Someone in the class made us a special handmade card.”

The girls are both in the Orange class at the Milnsbridge-based school.

Mrs Wallace said the school really wanted to make the girls feel special.

She said: “I don’t think we have ever had a leap year baby at the school.

“It is so unusual to have two in the same school let alone the same class.”

And there will be more leap year celebrations in four years for a clutch of local mums.

At least a dozen new arrivals chose February 29 to make their appearances in the birthing centres and labour wards in Calderdale and Huddersfield.