BROCKHOLES explorer Peter Drake is off on his travels again.

He will lead another expedition for the Yorkshire Schools Exploring Society (YSES) this summer.

Mr Drake plans to take 44 teenagers to Kenya for five weeks.

They will study animals for the Kenyan government and trek across the northern Kenyan desert.

Mr Drake is also looking for youngsters to join a YSES trip to South Africa next year.

The teenagers will work for wildlife organisations in Natal and go on a wilderness trek with game rangers.

The trip will be in the summer holidays, as will YSES trips to China, Norway and Peru.

All youngsters must be aged 15 to 19 and from Yorkshire.

News of the expeditions came as Mr Drake told of his experiences re-creating one of history's most epic expeditions.

Mr Drake, 57, took 32 teenagers to America last year and re-traced the 1803 Lewis and Clark expedition.

Mr Drake's trip - organised by the YSES - commemorated the original expedition's 200th anniversary.

Mr Drake, the society's vice-chairman, talked about his trip to Huddersfield and Halifax Geographical Association at the university.

He also spoke about the original 19th-century expedition, set up by US President Thomas Jefferson to chart the USA's newly- acquired western territories.

The 18-year-old USA had just doubled in size after buying 820,000 square miles of Louisiana from French leader Napoleon Bonaparte, who no longer had the money or power to protect French territory in America.

Jefferson's secretary, Meriwether Lewis, and friend William Clark charted 8,000 miles of new land, from North Dakota to the Pacific coast.

Mr Drake has led 38 expeditions in 55 countries over the years. Many of these were for YSES and some were for adults.

Others were for the Scouts Association, for which he is a full-time regional officer.

He said: "Expeditions sometimes feel like a full-time job, but they are just a lifelong hobby."

Before he began leading exhibitions Mr Drake drove to Nepal, climbed in the Himalayas and visited the Arctic, North Africa and the Sahara.

For more information, email or write to Yorkshire Schools Exploring Society at 1A Garnett Street, Otley LS21 1AL.

* The YSES was set up in 1966

* The patron is mountaineer Chris Bonington

* Society members have visited many corners of the world, including Peru, Iceland, Turkey, Norway and Africa

* Teenagers from across Yorkshire take part

* Mountaineering and white-water rafting are just two of the activities taught by the society.