A FAMILY home has been transformed into a medieval museum.

Robert Broadbent has spent years researching the history of his ancient Pole Moor home.

His ancestors have lived on the Launds Inn site for more than 1,000 years.

It inspired him to step back in time and restore his home to its former glory.

The 14th century former inn on Rochdale Road is now a piece of history and is being opened to the public.

Mr Broadbent, a building contractor, said: “My family have lived here for a long time so I wanted to find out more.

“It was a car parking area before I started work, but the remains were still there and I was intrigued by what could have been there a long time ago.

“I started doing some investigations and this is the culmination of it all.”

The building was home to about 20 generations of the Broadbent family.

Mr Broadbent bought his ancestral home in 1998 and set about researching its history.

It has been restored using materials thousands of years old.

Some of the original stone from the 14th century building was used, along with wooden beams dating back to 1300.

Mr Broadbent, who also works in telecoms, added: “There were one or two points where I thought ‘when will it all be finished?’ but I always knew it would be worth it.

“It was like a fine jigsaw puzzle and I had to place all the pieces back bit by bit.

“I’d definitely do it all again.”

The restoration project has taken five years from the initial survey through its design, planning process and completion.

More than 120 tonnes of earth were removed and 90 tonnes of stone was re-used as part of the project.

He is now planning to open up his home to the public on various dates throughout the year.

There will be a display dedicated to the history of the Broadbents, with reams of historical information about the building and the area.

Mr Broadbent gathered most of his information from family documents, local museums, parish registers, libraries and speaking to local residents.

The Launds Inn Museum will be open to the public from 2pm until 4pm on May 4-5, June 7 and 22, July 6 and 27, August 24-25, September 7, October 5 and 12, November 23 and 29 and December 7.

Booking is essential and Mr Broadbent can be contacted on 01484 645 961.