HONLEY churchgoers are counting their blessings after raising a five-figure sum in less than a year.

Parishioners at St Mary’s Church were in a cold sweat last November when they discovered that £40,000 was needed to replace the church’s rusty old boiler.

The plumbers informed them that the old workhorse was on its last legs.

It had arrived at the church second hand, a donation from Mr Kaye, who had taken the boiler from Kaye’s, his former department store in Huddersfield town centre.

The Reverend David Barnes launched an appeal for what seemed like the impossible task of raising £40,000 before this Winter.

But thanks to an anonymous benefactor and countless generous donations from the congregation and people living in the area, all the money has been raised in record time.

And next week plumbers are due to complete the three-week installation of the modern, fuel-efficient boiler and pipework.

The Rev Barnes said: “It looked such a tall order at the beginning.

“We were looking down the barrel of a £40,000 debt.

“But we have been quite overwhelmed by the response.

“We are so very fortunate that the money has arrived and would like to thank everyone.”

The Rev Barnes is now planning a service of thanks - in the warmth this winter with the benefit of the new central heating system.