PROPOSALS to provide a better quality and value bus service will be considered by transport authority Metro.

The Association of Bus Operators in West Yorkshire (ABOWY), which represents bus companies, has come up with a number of ideas to improve the bus network.

Among the proposals is the suggestion of an entire low-floor bus fleet, CCTV on all vehicles to boost safety and GPS fitted to all buses to give passengers real-time information about punctuality.

The environment also features highly, with the ABOWY suggesting minimum vehicle emission standards should be adhered to with eco-manager devices fitted to encourage fuel-efficient driving.

Ticket prices have also been considered, with a range of Metrocard ‘multi-journey, multi-operator, multi-mode’ tickets proposed.

The Association also want network and service changes to be limited to once a year.

ABOWY represents a range of bus operators including First, Arriva, Centrebus and Stagecoach.

They say that 80% of buses in West Yorkshire will have Smartcard enabled Enhanced Traffic Management systems fitted within the next 18 months.

Clr James Lewis, West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority (WYITA) executive chairman said: “ABOWY came here with a list of proposals as to how West Yorkshire’s bus companies plan to deliver better quality and value both to passengers in terms of services fares and to council taxpayers in terms of public subsidies required from Metro.

“However we need to study the details of these proposals to determine what they would mean for West Yorkshire’s bus users and whether they will increase passenger numbers.

“We also need to look for evidence of what guarantees the operators are offering that the measures they have put forward would deliver their stated objectives, and remain in place for the long term.

“The decision whether Metro accepts ABOWY’s proposals or progresses its work to introduce Quality Contract schemes will shape the whole future of West Yorkshire’s bus services and is not one that can or should be taken on the spur of the moment or on the basis of a short presentation.”

Metro’s deliberations will be discussed at the WYITA meeting in June.