ROMANTIC Shaun Wood left his girlfriend speechless after a Hallowe’en proposal – in pumpkins.

Shaun, 26, decided to pop the question to sweetheart Leanne Corneille on her favourite night of the year.

Electrician Shaun carved out ‘Will you marry me?’ in 15 pumpkin lanterns.

He then took Leanne, 25, out for a meal while brother-in-law Michael set up the surprise.

The couple then returned to their home in Birkby and Leanne was left screaming in shock and delight!

“She just went hysterical,” said Shaun. “She ran round the back garden just screaming. She wasn’t expecting it at all.”

When Leanne had calmed down a little, Shaun went down on one knee, ring in hand, and delivered his proposal in traditional fashion.

And the answer was ... yes!

Only a few close family and friends – and the Examiner – were in on the secret and Shaun organised his proposal with military precision.

The day before Shaun even had to pretend to go to work then sneak back after Leanne had left to carve out the pumpkins and complete his plot.

“You wouldn’t believe the looks you get going round a supermarket with 15 pumpkins,” said Shaun.

Leanne loves Hallowe’en and it took a lot of sweet talking from Shaun to persuade her to go out and not wait for trick-or-treaters to knock on the door.

“She’s just got a thing for Hallowe’en,” said Shaun.

“It was our third anniversary the day after Hallowe’en and I knew she wouldn’t be expecting anything the day before.”

Leanne, a paediatric nurse, said she was “totally gobsmacked” and added: “I wanted to say ‘yes’ straightaway but I just couldn’t speak.

“It was a wonderful surprise and I can’t believe what a good actor Shaun is!

“I couldn’t have picked a nicer ring myself and the whole thing was just perfect.”

Shaun played everything by the book and even asked Leanne’s dad Peter, 52, for his daughter’s hand last weekend.

Peter and wife Karen, 50, of Meltham, got engaged on top of Mount Vesuvius in Italy but Karen reckons Shaun topped that.

“Hallowe’en pumpkins was a really romantic way to do it,” she said.

Shaun and Leanne haven’t set a date yet and Shaun added: “Leanne wants to get married this time next year but it won’t be on Hallowe’en if I’ve got anything to do with it!”

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