Three men from Huddersfield have been hailed as heroes after saving a Sheffield man’s life.

Chris Smith, 54, of Lowerhouses, and his son, also called Chris Smith, 27, of Paddock, were carrying out flood repairs on Nursery Bridge at the River Don on Thursday afternoon with colleague, Joe Breslin, 49, of Almondbury when they saw a man floating past them.

Chris Smith (Snr) said: “We were floating up the river on a makeshift pontoon and my son Chris was getting ready to tie it up when we heard these gurgling noises.

“Joe said: ‘It looks like someone is in the water’ and we grabbed him and hauled him in as quick as we could.

“My son rang the fire brigade and ambulance and tried to keep him warm until they arrived.

“I tried to put him in the recovery position but he was uncomfortable with that.

Fire crews at the scene of the rescue from the River Don in Sheffield.

“I said to him: ‘Don’t leave us now!’ He was shaking and could hardly talk so it wasn’t clear how he had fallen into the river.

“I don’t know how long he had been in there.

“I’ve asked the emergency services to let me know how he is recovering. The fire service arrived and that was that. It all happened so quickly.”

Fire crews at the scene of the rescue from the River Don in Sheffield.

The 67-year-old man was taken to the city’s Northern General Hospital.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said three fire crews were called to the scene at 2.40pm following reports of a man in the river.

When firefighters arrived at the scene the workmen had already managed to get the man to the banking where crews were able to reach him and carried him on a longboard up to the ambulance crew.