A MAN who escaped jail after threatening to petrol bomb his girlfriend’s house has been locked up after he attacked a dog.

Kristfa Spencer, 26, of Meadows Croft, Bradley, appeared at Leeds Crown Court yesterday accused of animal cruelty.

Spencer was arrested last September after he began kicking and punching a dog he was looking after for a friend in Dewsbury town centre.

He admitted to police during interview that he had gone too far trying to control the dog and said his “knuckles were still hurting” from the violent attack on the pet.

While there was no prison sentence for the animal cruelty offence, Spencer has now been jailed for breaching two suspended sentences dating from a violent incident in 2010.

The attack saw Spencer threaten to kill his partner Louise Farrar at her Bradley Mills home in front of a seven-year-old child.

He attempted to cut her with a knife, damaged her property and on arrest he made threats to burn the house down, saying he would “petrol bomb” the premises.

Last March a judge at Bradford Crown Court sentenced him to six-months for the assault and two months for the criminal damage, both suspended for two years.

But after his arrest on September 19 those two sentences have been activated.

His Honour Judge Marson QC, said he was concerned that Spencer had shown no remorse for the brutal dog attack.

He said: “There’s no doubt you were told if you committed any offence you would serve your sentences.”

Judge Marson banned Spencer from owning or keeping animals for five years and jailed him for four months.