A VOLUNTEER whose daughter died from kidney failure in Pakistan is helping other sufferers with the same plight.

Fazal Rahman Khan, of Birkby, teamed up with Muslim Global Relief more than a decade ago.

But despite suffering the tragic loss of two of his daughters, he has remained committed to creating better living conditions in Pakistan.

In his latest visit to Pakistan he has seen how money raised in Huddersfield has helped buy four dialysis machines for the district headquarters hospital in Attock.

Mr Khan, 73, said: “My daughter Rakhmeen Jan died last year from kidney failure and my eldest daughter Begum Jan died in 2004 from heart failure.

“In order to be treated they had to travel some distance to the hospital and although a new hospital has been built, equipment is in short supply.

“In my visit I was meeting people at the hospital where the machines we have purchased will be up and running shortly.

“We have also funded a technician to keep the machines functioning and ensure as many people as possible can benefit.

“It is too late for my daughter Rakhmeen, but we must help others whose suffering can be prevented.

“My work with Global Relief has helped me find comfort and know that we are tackling the poverty and gradually things are starting to change.

“A year’s dialysis in these centres costs on average £3,000 while the average wage is around £390 per year.

“As many as 10 million adults in Pakistan may be suffering from some form of kidney disease and thus are at risk of its adverse outcomes including eventual need for dialysis or premature death from heart disease. The cost of treatment is so prohibitive that most kidney sufferers simply die.”

Huddersfield-based Radio Paigham raised more than £50,000 to pay for the four dialysis machines and handed the money to the Muslim Global Relief fund to ensure the money is spent on the vital equipment.

Mr Khan has also worked in partnership with the radio station which raised £20,000 in 2010 for victims of the Pakistan floods crisis and £43,000 in 2009 and 2010 for a vocational training centre at Brarkot in Pakistan.

The radio station, which broadcasts from Springwood, is still accepting donations for a fifth dialysis machine.